"I have had the privilege of working with Staff One on many occasions, they have great attention to detail and follow up of the Personnel. They have been top notch, one of the few that does not waste my time sending candidates that are not qualified to do the job."


- Bryan O
Human Resources corporate Recruiter
Manufacturing Industry



Individual and Group Outplacement Programs

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement assistance is the process by which terminated employees are assisted in successfully finding new employment opportunities. Personnel Resource Services assists in producing a smooth transition for the individual by forming a positive, supportive relationship with him/her, while helping that person cope with the trauma of making a career change.

How Does the Individual Benefit from Our Services?

  • Emotional support and encouragement. We work on building esteem and increasing motivation.
  • The ability to discover and develop job seeking skills.
  • Structured meetings and appointments, which give the individual a sense of purpose and direction.
  • On-going guidance, support and motivation to carry on a productive and successful job search.
  • A complete evaluation of skills and capabilities, professional resume preparation, and interview practice and feedback.

How Your Company Benefits from our Services?

  • By working with Personnel Resource Services, the company has the opportunity to:
  • Maintain a positive image within the community and industry.
  • Satisfy a moral obligation to assist terminated employees in finding new positions.
  • Reduce the potential for lawsuits and have less chance of litigation.
  • Reduce costs associated with termination.
  • Show they have taken an interest in their former employee by meeting their need to leave the job with dignity and providing an opportunity for continued success.
  • Provide a quick, clean separation for the company and the employee.